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How Does This "CSM" Work?

The songs and resources are delivered via download from a password-protected "Members Only" page accessed from the "Log In" button on this Web site. Here's how it works:

1. You become a member by filling out the Membership Form and sending it in with your payment.
2. You will receive an e-mail four times per year telling you that your next "delivery" of songs is available for pick up, and giving you the user name and password for that delivery.
3. You click on the link to visit the "Bryan Moyer Suderman's CSM" website and log in with your user name and password to access the "Members Only" page where the delivery is posted.
4. Download the files to your computer, make your own print and CD copy of the songs, and start trying them out! (Paper/CD copies are also available directly from smallTall Music for an additional fee.)

What Kinds of Membership Are Available?

1. Family/Household Membership
Annual fee: $30 Cdn/US

If you are a single person, or a family, or a community of people living together under one roof as a household, this type of membership is for you.

For an important note regarding copyright permissions for family/household memberships, please see question #3 on the FAQ page.

2. Congregational/Institutional Membership
Annual Fee: $100 Cdn/US

If you are an individual congregation, school, camp, or other organization, then this type of membership is for you. In addition to the regular "deliveries" of songs and accompanying resources, congregational/institutional membership includes permission for your congregation/institution to copy and make ongoing use of all Bryan Moyer Suderman songs in each delivery (see "note on permissions" below).

For an important note regarding copyright permissions for congregational/institutional memberships, please see question #4 on the FAQ page.

3. Denominational/Publisher Membership

A third type of membership is available for other entities (eg: denominational bodies, publishers, etc.) who may be interested. Please contact SmallTall Music to initiate a conversation about this type of membership, including a description of the entity and the ways in which you are interested in using the songs.

4. "Extra Composting" Membership

Annual Contribution: starting at $500 Cdn/US

Some individuals and communities have said they want to support this ministry with more than the basic membership fee. These folks want to support and invest in this ministry in a more financially significant way - they want to add extra "compost" to the "soil" of this ministry to help it grow and be sustainable over the long term. If this describes you, please write a note to bryan@smalltallmusic.com to initiate a conversation, and I can tell you where more compost is needed. ontent