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How Can I Be Involved?

Becoming a member of Bryan's CSM (also known as membership in SmallTall Music) is much more than making a "consumer choice" to receive a certain kind of "product." Becoming a member of SmallTall Music is an opportunity to be an active participant and partner in STM's mission of "building up the body of Christ by creating and sharing songs of faith for small and tall."

Members are invited to:

* Use and enjoy the songs in different settings (see types of membership and notes on "Permissions").
* Share feedback and ideas ("We used this song for... this one really worked with our group... this one not so much... when we used this song we adapted it this way... added this action... wrote this new verse...").
* Give ideas/suggestions for new songs ("In our family/congregation we really need a song to sing when..."; "We're exploring this Scripture/theme, and could really use a song that would help us to...").
* Write and share your own "songs of faith for small and tall", try them out in your own local community, and share them with other SmallTall Music members via the annual "SmallTall Music Members' Jamboree".
* Help spread the word about SmallTall Music, the studio albums, the CSM, and these "songs of faith for small and tall".
* Support this ministry in other ways - by praying, by sending a note and being in touch, by arranging for a Bryan Moyer Suderman visit to your community, by asking about current needs and other ways to be in