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Welcome to Bryan Moyer Suderman's CSM (Community Supported Music) initiative.

Joining Bryan's CSM (also known as "becoming a member of SmallTall Music") is like joining an organic food cooperative or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, where you pay an annual fee and receive regular deliveries of fresh, local, organic produce, throughout the growing season, straight from the producer.

When you join Bryan's CSM and become a member of smallTall Music, you pay an annual fee and receive regular deliveries of fresh, home-grown, organic music - new "songs of faith for small and tall."

Have a look around for information on how it works, how to sign up, frequently asked questions, and different ways to get involved. UPDATE: Please note, as of February 2012 this CSM is "on hold" for a while - likely for a year or so. Please click here for more information. No new memberships are currently being accepted.


UPDATED UPDATE: There are no current plans to get this CSM system going again... but my songwriting and recording and singing work continues unabated! You can see what I'm up to at www.smalltallmusic.com ... and more innovations are on the way, so stay tuned! As Pete Seeger would say, "Keep on"...!